Henley CFR Car



Application & Training to be a Responder
in Henley

Volunteers are always welcome to join the team. Please contact the Chairman Malcolm Aldridge on 01564 794019 or Email the to have an initial discussion. If your interest continues members of the Team will visit you to explain our work and procedure for training as a Responder.

After completing an application form you will be invited to an interview conducted by the Community Response Manager for the Coventry and Warwickshire area of WMAS. At this interview you will need to produce a number of documents as detailed in the invitation letter. This will include completing a Disclosure & Barring Service form.

After a successful interview and recommendation for Training, once this has been completed successfully you will be encouraged to get involved with the Henley Team. This will include beginning a local induction process, attending some team meetings and, once DBS clearance has been received, going on duty with a fully trained CFR to gain experience and confidence. When you have been issued with your identity badge and number you will complete your induction up to the point when the coordinator is satisfied that you are competent to attend 999 calls on your own.

The compensation for all this is a real sense of making a contribution to your local community and the possibility to save lives!