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Henley CFR Kitbag    Henley CFR Defribillator

Henley CFR Kit Bag and Defribillator

Although consumables are provided by the West Midlands Ambulance Service, there are still many items which need to be funded by the group.

Each member of the group will be given a personalised polo shirt and trousers, and asked to contribute to a fleece or soft shell jacket. A consistent smart and clearly obvious visual appearance is seen as an important part of the initial meeting with the person requiring assistance. It also enhances the team identity.

Fluorescent marked CFR jackets for both winter and summer are carried in the Ambulance car for outdoor and inclement weather use.

There are a number of other items which are required to be compliant with Health and Safety's PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

There are numerous "tools for the job" (e.g. Defibrillator; Finger Pulse SP02 Oxometer; Blood pressure monitor etc.) which need to be purchased and kept in the CFR Kit Bags. After each call out, any consumables which have been used have to be replaced in the kit bag ready for the next shift.

The most costly piece of equipment has been the purchase of the CFR car and the fuel to run the car. Fortunately, maintenance of the car is sponsored and undertaken by the local company, Mayswood Garage; for which Henley CFR are most grateful.