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Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2019

The eighth AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders was held in the Fire Station on Monday 21st October. The meeting was attended by 22 responders & members of the public, including family and friends of the late Sue Osborne who had sadly died earlier in the year.

Chairman Malcolm Aldridge opened the meeting by welcoming a special guest, Dianne Scott, deputy chief officer of the WMAS, who would shortly be retiring. He then went on to present a very moving eulogy to Sue Osborne, the former secretary of Henley Community First Responders. Sue had, in fact, been a founder member of Henley CFR, both as an active First Responder and also as an Officer of the organisation. No-one could be more committed than Sue, she always did more than was expected.

She was a very knowledgeable person, both about the operation of the WMAS and also Henley in general. If she didn't immediately know the answer to something, she could always be relied on to find out in very short order. On a personal level, Sue had always been very loyal to Malcolm during his time as chairman and had baked the most amazing fruit & nut cakes for consumption at the AGM. She would be sorely missed.

Current Secretary Janet Shaw expressed her sincere thanks to her family and friends of Sue who were present, for a collection which had been organised in her name, with funds being distributed to three local organisations, including Henley CFR.

At the 2018 AGM Chairman Malcolm Aldridge had commenced his Annual Report by joking that Henley CFR's were still around despite the best efforts of the WMAS Training Saga. Unfortunately, nothing had changed during the past 12 months - one new responder had completed his training, yet had still not been signed off after 2.5 years! The result was that Henley CFR was now at a very low ebb, with only 6 or 7 responders available from a peak of 16. This did not reflect the extremely hard work that had gone into it.

He continued by reporting that collaboration with the Solihull, Knowle & Dorridge Central Responders had continued. He concluded by thanking his committee and all team members for their continued hard work during the past year.

Peter Neville, Team Coordinator, was unable to be present so Malcolm Aldridge read a prepared report on his behalf. During the year Henley CFR had spent 798 hours on call, and had attended 69 emergencies, compared with 1,179 hours and 130 emergencies in the previous year. The Solihull, Knowle & Dorridge group had spent 1,063 hours on call, with attendance at 204 emergencies. Their higher rate reflected the more dense population of the Solihull area.

The Chairman closed the meeting by presenting a bouquet of flowers to Mandy Tuckley, who was retiring from her fund-raising activities after many years of service. He also expressed his thanks to Henley Golf Club, who had raised over £5,000 for the purchase of new defibrillators.

Would you like to join the Henley CFR Team? If so please contact Janet on 01564 792533
or John on 01564 797949 to learn more.