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Automatic External Defibrillators (AED's) in Henley
and the surrounding area

At the moment there are 7 AED's in the area that the Henley CFR group keep an eye on and arrange maintenance if required. We visit all of the sites every two months and maintain a record of the current status of each of these life saving machines.

Before the closure of the Henley Golf Club the CFR Group were in talks with the senior section of the golf club to assist them in setting up a charity to finance the ongoing maintenance of the AED's in the area. Since the Golf Club no longer exists the money raised by the seniors has been donated to the CFRs on the understanding that it will be used to maintain the existing AED's and to provide additional one.

We are currently looking at providing two additional sites in Henley and hope to get these AED's out into the community soon.

If anyone would like to get to know how to use an AED, we will be happy to arrange an awareness session as soon as we are able to, once the pandemic is controlled.

Henley CFR '100 Club' - suspended due to Covid

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic the Henley 100 Club has been suspended for the time being. All current members have been informed and any one who has not received a refund of their future payments should contact the acting treasure to arange a refund.

Henley CFR '100 Club'

Like everyone else, Henley CFRs have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This has caused both individual and scheme organisation difficulties and we apologise for the delay in detailing the winners of the 100 Club Monthly draw. Due to the obvious problems of meeting to draw numbers, the scheme decided to use the last digits of the numbers of the first two main Premium Bond winners. This has not been as easy as first thought and where there is a number with no allocated name the prize is awarded to the next number up.

                                1st prize - £302nd prize - £15
April 2020No.28 (No name)
No.29 Roland Frost
No.34 Sylvia & Chris Kaynes
May 2020No.07 John PudneyNo.45 Ian Farr
June 2020No.65 Mark SpencerNo.78 Alan Conway

Thank you

We will notify you when we decide we can revert back to the orginal system for the monthly draw.

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2019

The eighth AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders was held in the Fire Station on Monday 21st October. The meeting was attended by 22 responders & members of the public, including family and friends of the late Sue Osborne who had sadly died earlier in the year.

Chairman Malcolm Aldridge opened the meeting by welcoming a special guest, Dianne Scott, deputy chief officer of the WMAS, who would shortly be retiring. He then went on to present a very moving eulogy to Sue Osborne, the former secretary of Henley Community First Responders. Sue had, in fact, been a founder member of Henley CFR, both as an active First Responder and also as an Officer of the organisation. No-one could be more committed than Sue, she always did more than was expected.

She was a very knowledgeable person, both about the operation of the WMAS and also Henley in general. If she didn't immediately know the answer to something, she could always be relied on to find out in very short order. On a personal level, Sue had always been very loyal to Malcolm during his time as chairman and had baked the most amazing fruit & nut cakes for consumption at the AGM. She would be sorely missed.

Current Secretary Janet Shaw expressed her sincere thanks to her family and friends of Sue who were present, for a collection which had been organised in her name, with funds being distributed to three local organisations, including Henley CFR.

At the 2018 AGM Chairman Malcolm Aldridge had commenced his Annual Report by joking that Henley CFR's were still around despite the best efforts of the WMAS Training Saga. Unfortunately, nothing had changed during the past 12 months - one new responder had completed his training, yet had still not been signed off after 2.5 years! The result was that Henley CFR was now at a very low ebb, with only 6 or 7 responders available from a peak of 16. This did not reflect the extremely hard work that had gone into it.

He continued by reporting that collaboration with the Solihull, Knowle & Dorridge Central Responders had continued. He concluded by thanking his committee and all team members for their continued hard work during the past year.

Peter Neville, Team Coordinator, was unable to be present so Malcolm Aldridge read a prepared report on his behalf. During the year Henley CFR had spent 798 hours on call, and had attended 69 emergencies, compared with 1,179 hours and 130 emergencies in the previous year. The Solihull, Knowle & Dorridge group had spent 1,063 hours on call, with attendance at 204 emergencies. Their higher rate reflected the more dense population of the Solihull area.

The Chairman closed the meeting by presenting a bouquet of flowers to Mandy Tuckley, who was retiring from her fund-raising activities after many years of service. He also expressed his thanks to Henley Golf Club, who had raised over £5,000 for the purchase of new defibrillators.

Henley Golf Club Ladies learn CPR

The ladies of Henley Golf Club seniors team were in full swing this April when they welcomed members of Henley CFR for an informative evening on how to assist someone in cardiac arrest.

After a demonstration in performing CPR and the use of a defibrillator, the ladies were able to use training defibrillators on our mannequins and to practice CPR.

One lady told us: "Before this demonstration, I would never have had the confidence to use a defibrillator; now I know that I will be able to and that I can help save a life if I am ever faced with having to help someone in cardiac arrest. This has been a valuable evening."

Another said that she had always wondered what would be in the little yellow cupboard (outside the co-op) and that now she knew she would be prepared to access it if need be.

We are pleased to offer free demonstrations to the public on CPR and using Defibrillators. Please contact Mandy on 0121 249 0769 to arrange training for your group, work place or friends and family.

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2018

The seventh AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders was held in the Fire Station on Monday 22nd October. The meeting was attended by 28 responders & members of the public.

Chairman Malcolm Aldridge opened the meeting by welcoming a special guest, Terry Barton, who presented a cheque for £600 to Henley CFR for the purchase and installation of a new defibrillator, in memory of his wife, Alison, who had sadly died from cancer last year.

The Chairman commenced his Annual Report by joking that Henley CFR's were still around despite the best efforts of the WMAS Training Saga. There were moves afoot for CFR's to take part in advanced training, with most members having completed the test papers, but 5 months later the procedual guidance was still incomplete. He stressed, however, that he had only the highest praise for the the WMAS paramedics and training, providing the best possible service to Henley & surrounding areas, it was just the administration that was lacking.

He continued by reporting that a contingent from Solihull & Dorridge were collaborating with Henley CFR (with their own funding) whilst they established their own group. He concluded by thanking his committee and all team members for their continued hard work during the past year.

Peter Neville, Team Coordinator, reported that Henley CFR now had 7 qualified responders, plus 3 trainees and 2 on the waiting list. In August they had been asked by WMAS to assist with the formation of the Solihull & Dorridge subgroup, who had their own subgroup and cars. They were attending Henley CFR monthly meetings and temporarily increased the number of responders to 11 with 3 trainees.

During the year Henley CFR had spent 1,170 hours on call, and had attended 130 emergencies, compared with 1,245 hours and 110 emergencies in the previous year. Calls ranged from the very serious - cardiac arrest, strokes etc to concerns over welfare. There had been one accidental call-out.

He concluded by advising that the following day there were to be several defibrillator awareness training sessions for members of the general public to attend.

Chairman of Henley & Beaudesert Joint Parish Council, Cllr Peter Craythorne, proposed a vote of thanks to Henley CFR.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of a bouquet of flowers by the Chairman to the Secretary.

Henley CFRs Blue Light

The Henley Community First Responders have recently been trained by the West Midlands Ambulance Service to attend Road Traffic Collisions. As a result of this training their car has had to be fitted with some additional safety equipment and flashing lights which can be switched on when the car arrives at the scene of the accident.

Last week Mr Marc Bailey MBE, commercial director of Moflash, gave the Henley Group a magnetic high intensity flashing light that can be fixed to the roof of the car to warn other road users of the hazards ahead.

We would like to thank Marc Bailey and Moflash for their generous support for the Henley Community First Responders Group.

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2017

The sixth AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders was held in the Fire Station on Monday 23rd October. The meeting was attended by 21 responders & members of the public.

Chairman Malcolm Aldridge reported that progress had been made by Henley CFR's in some areas, with the long awaited West Midlands Ambulance Service training programme having been established for new recruits during the year. A new vehicle, a Skoda Fabia Estate, had been purchased, financed entirely from past donations, enabling Henley CFR's to attend road traffic accidents. Mr Aldridge observed that CFRs were now required to carry out professional development training & requalification every 3 years together with occasional observational incident visits with the Ambulance service. This, combined with both physical & emotional courage, enabled CFR's to make a real difference to many people's lives. He concluded by thanking his colleagues for their service and issued an invitation to members of the local community to consider becoming CFR's themselves.

Peter Neville, Team Coordinator, reported that Henley CFR had spent 1,245 hours on call, and had attended 110 emergencies, which included chest pains, cardiac arrest, sepsis, road traffic accidents, strokes, breathing dificulties, back problems & diabetes. However the largest reasons for call-outs was falls in the home. They also received welfare calls, although some of these were false alarms (e.g. accidental use of emergency buttons etc. He stated that they currently had 6 active responders, one fully trained new recruit and a further 3 pending training.

Responders were now qualified in accordancewith a new 'Certificate of First Responding', with a further period of self-study training. This would now permit them to carry # pain-relief medication, something that had been missing in the past.

Chairman of Henley & Beaudesert Joint Parish Council, Cllr Bill Leech, proposed a vote of thanks to Henley CFR and agreed totally with the stated policy of retaining its local base, rather than being centered in Stratford or Warwick.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of a bouquet of flowers by the Chairman to the Secretary.

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2016

The fifth AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders was held in the Fire Station on Monday 24th October. The meeting was attended by about 15 responders & members of the public.

Chairman Malcolm Aldridge reported that Henley CFR had completed their fifth successful year in Henley-in-Arden which now included Claverdon. He commented that the year had been interesting, if not particularly progressive, with the number of active members dropping slightly due to the illness of either themselves or their families. WMAS had introduced new training requirements, as yet without providing the training facilities required. Mr Aldridge went on to thank the many sponsors and supporters who helped fund the CFR operations during the past year, and all of his team who had provided cover at local events.

Peter Neville, Team Coordinator, reported that Henley CFR had spent 2,150 hours on call, and had attended 178 emergencies. WMAS are in the process of introducing a higher level of training which will enable qualified team members to provide additional support services.

Chairman of Henley & Beaudesert Joint Parish Council, Cllr Bill Leech, proposed a vote of thanks to Henley CFR which he described as a 'real community asset'. He suggested that the fund raising team apply to the JPC for a mini-grant, which he felt confident would be sympathetically received.

Presentation of a cake by Henley CFR to a the Henley Fire Service
Presentation of a cake by Henley CFR to a the Henley Fire Service

The meeting concluded with the presentation of a cake, baked by Bobby Keogh, to a representative of Henley Fire Service, as an expression of their thanks to the Service for the use of their building for meetings and CFR training, and also a bouquet of flowers by the Chairman to the Secretary.

Henley CFR '100 Club' Winners

Henley Community First Responders are pleased to announce the following results of the '100 Club' prize draws during the past year (2015). Many congratulations to the winners and, of course, our grateful thanks to all contestants for their support.

                                1st prize - £302nd prize - £15
December 2015(£75)
Edward Drake
Bette Cooper
Mike Trigg
November 2015Lawrence MarshallJen Shearer
October 2015Arthur GennardRita Hurst
September 2015Christopher OsborneBette Cooper
August 2015Janet ShawSophie Lonsdale
July 2015Carole PinnerSarah Glenn
June 2015June HarrisPaul Johnson
May 2015Ann HoldingPauline Archer
April 2015KainesJanet Shaw
March 2015Stephanie RobertsMaura Grantham
February 2015Dave & Gill ChewAnn Holding
January 2015Roland FrostBarbara Colclough

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2015

The fourth AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders was held in the Fire Station on Monday 19th October. The meeting was attended by about 20 other responder & members of the public.

Following his first full year as Chairman, Mr Malcolm Aldridge reported that Henley CFR had completed their fourth successful year in Henley-in-Arden, and that their area of operations had been expanded to include Claverdon, following the disbandment of the local CFR team there. He commented that several members had been required to repeat their observation experience with WMAS as part of their routine training programmes. Mr Aldridge went on to thank the many sponsors and supporters who helped fund the CFR operations during the past year, and all of his team who had provided cover at local events.

Members of Henley CFR at the AGM on 19th October 2015
Chairman Malcolm Aldridge with members of the Henley CFR team.

The meeting was told that Mr John Pudney, who had retired from the chair at the 2014 AGM, now wished to retire from his current role as Scheme Coordinator. John was thanked by the Chairman for his strong administrative record, and presented with a bag of 'fertiliser' to complement the rose that he had been presented with at the previous AGM. Cilla, John's wife, was also thanked by the Chair and presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Malcolm Aldridge and Cilla Pudney
Malcolm Aldridge presenting a bouquet to Cilla Pudney.

Mr Peter Neville, a well qualified CFR, was appointed as the new Scheme Coordinator.

In his retiring address, John Pudney observed that three people who had attended the first meeting of Henley CFR on 24th January 2012, were present at tonight's meeting. He said that the sole purpose of Henley CFR was to serve the local community, and that during the intervening period they had been on call for 2,500 hours and had attended 260 '999' calls. He read out an extract of a letter from a local resident addressed to WMAS, recalling her recent fall in Henley. She had been assisted by two ladies immediately, within 5 minutes by a Responder, and by WMAS paramedics within 10. How about that for community service!

John ended his speech by paying tribute to the committed and active team of Henley CFR.

John Pudney and Peter Neville
Outgoing Scheme Coordinator John Pudney passing his 'baton of office' to his successor, Peter Neville.

Three New Defibrillators for the Henley Area

Thanks to the generosity of West Midlands Ambulance Service and the involvement of local community organisations, the Henley-in-Arden area now has three more defibrillators available for use in case of cardiac arrest.

Golf Club defibrillator
Adrian Cooper (Henley Golf Club), Bobby Qayum (WMAS), Annette Walker (Tennis Club),
John Pudney (WMAS Governor), Sue Osborne (CFR)

One is at The Henley Golf Club, off the Stratford Road at the north end of the town. This defib is kept in reception, and is available for any member, guest or visitor.

Tennis Club defibrillator
Bobby Qayum (WMAS), Annette Walker (Tennis Club), Dave Broadbent (Playing Fields), Sue Osborne (CFR)

The Henley War Memorial Trust, which runs the playing fields on the south side of town, is now the custodian of a public access defib (PAD). This is located on the side wall of the tennis club, facing the small car park on the left of the entrance. This can be used by anyone in the area, whether a menber or not.

Wooton Wawen defibrillator
Sue Osborne (CFR, Pat Blunt (Wooton Stores), Ian Shenton (WW Parish Council), Bobby Qayum (WMAS)

Following the successful defib campaign in Henley, Wooton Wawen Parish Council decided to install a PAD in the village. It is on the outside wall of the village shop, opposite the Church, on the left hand side of the entrance door. As in the other locations, this defib was donated by WMAS, and the cabinet was purchased with money from a grant from Warwickshire County Council.

To access the yellow cabinets, call 999 and state your location. You will be directed to the nearest PAD. Read out the box number and you will be given the key code to open the door. Return to the patient, open the defib lid, and you will hear full instructions on what to do.

This is what WMAS CFR training is all about!

A few weeks ago, my co ordinator circulated the following press release to our group. On reading, I was really impressed by the actions of the off duty CFR who had stopped to help.

A motorcyclist who collided with a car in Warwickshire last night couldn't be saved by the ambulance service despite best efforts. West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the A423 Oxford Road in Princethorpe at around 9.15pm yesterday evening (Saturday). A local community first responder was first on scene and was joined by two ambulances, a paramedic area support officer and a MERIT trauma doctor.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: "An off duty community first responder (CFR) came across the RTC involving the motorcyclist and car and was first on scene to help. The motorcycle had travelled another 100 metres down the A423 following the impact.

The motorcyclist, a man, had sustained multiple traumatic injuries and was in cardiac arrest. The CFR quickly commenced CPR on the man whilst other ambulance staff made their way to the scene. Resuscitation efforts continued with the CFR, ambulance crews and doctor working as a team to deliver extensive advanced life support at the roadside.

Sadly, after more than 40 minutes of resuscitation, nothing could be done to save the man and he was confirmed dead on scene. The driver and passenger in the car, a man and a little boy, were assessed by ambulance staff but did not require hospital treatment."

A few days after reading the article I attended a refresher training course and was surprised to meet the young lady who was involved. It appears that she was returning from a family holiday when she passed the accident. "It was an awful end to my holiday" she said "and even though it was a sad outcome, I was glad I was able to assist and that my training gave me the confidence to try and save this mans life"

I am proud to have met such a brave girl who covers the area of Southam on her own due to lack of CFR volunteers in that area.

The currently 12 strong Henley CFR team will continue to serve this area which covers Henley, Claverdon, Wootton and surrounding areas with the same courage and commitment with the back up of the WMAS.

Jen Shearer

It's never too early to Save a Life

Mandy Tuckley, a Henley CFR first responder, has offered to provide valuable life support training to our younger community members as well as covering her normal CFR shifts.

In the chain of survival, CPR is vital: early emergency service, early basic life support (CPR), early defibrillation, early advanced life support. Maybe, in the future, these youngsters will volunteer as CFRs, providing valuable services to our town and outlying areas. Here is an extract from a recent Henley High School newsletter ...

Defibrillator fundraising

Next year, students from year 8 will have the opportunity to take part in an activity led by an outside speaker on the importance of cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the techniques involved in saving lives. This will involve a combination of practical and theoretical working and will take place within Science lessons as part of the GCSE course.

We hope to raise awareness of the importance of CPR but also raise funds to assist in the purchase of a defibrillator to be situated in school. To this end there will be an non-uniform day on the final day of this summer term; payments received will go towards the defibrillator which is being sourced through Henley First Responders who are also providing the sessions for pupils.

Our thanks to the school for its inclusion in the curriculum.

WMAS - Our Vision

WMAS - Our Vision

What the Henley CFR's did for me.

It was a cold, wet & windy night in December 2013 and I was attending the MYJO concert at Henley High School organised by the Henley Rotary Club. Funds raised that evening were to be shared between three charities, one of them being the Henley CFR team which I had just joined. My new colleagues had organised a display at the concert venue to promote the work they do and show how important it is for our community.

We arrived, said our hellos, and were about to take our seats when an event happened that I will never forget. My mother, who was walking by the side of me up the main hall, knocked into me again and again. As I turned to tell her to walk in a straight line, a moment of horror took hold. I could see her face starting to droop on her left side, she couldn't find the words to speak and looked dazed..

It took a few seconds but my training kicked in as I realised she was having a potential stroke. My colleagues were on hand within seconds following the protocol of the FAST test: face - arms - speech - time. A 999 call was made and a colleague went out to brave the elements to direct the ambulance to us when it arrived (the lighthearted moments of this is that she was mistaken twice for the car park attendant).

Blood pressure, O2 levels, temperature and mum's medical history were noted which meant a quick and efficient handover to the paramedics who then transported her to hospital. I am pleased to say she recovered well from this incident, which can be credited to the fast response of our team and the ambulance service..

I continue to serve the community as a volunteer for Henley CFR's and it is a privilege to work with such dedicated people with great training and support from WMAS.

Helen Davies

All work and no play......

When 3 of our volunteer CFR's got the opportunity to spend some of their spare time bonding off duty, backs were turned on our lovely Henley pubs and off they whisked on a Saturday night to join hundreds of others in Windsor park for the Glow in the Dark fun run, sponsors of Air ambulance and prostate cancer research.

After an hour of "beautifying" with neon face paints they entered the 5k run, glowing, running and dancing round the course. "It was such good fun, the best kind of team bonding"said Bayley "and much healthier than a Saturday night takeaway!"

Glow in the Dark fun run
Glow in the Dark fun run in Windor Park

Legacy gives Henley community 2nd Public Access Defibrillator

When the residents of Dell Court were left a legacy from the estate of a former resident,they decided to purchase a defibrillator for their site and felt that using the funds to install a 2nd Public Access Defibrillator for the Henley community would be a fitting tribute. With the permission of Orbit Housing, the installation was completed mid February and is sited on the wall just outside the entrance door to the Dell Court Building in Cherry Orchard.

Now operational, in the event of a cardiac arrest, members of the public can access the defibrillator by calling 999 and the ambulance service will provide a code to enable the distinctive yellow case to be opened, allowing the defibrillator to be removed and put to use whilst the ambulance is on its way.

Residents of Dell Court and staff from Orbit attended a free training session with Henley Community First Responders to learn Basic Life Support skills and how to use the defibrillator which they found 'very informative and very interesting and at the same time gave us the confidence to know what to do if we need to'.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Public Access Defibrillator or wishing to receive free training in its use can contact any First Responder or call Sue Osborne on 01564 794299.

Dell Court
The Second Public Access Defibrillator at Dell Court

Henley CFR Team Members provide assistance in Tenerife

Two of the Henley CFR volunteer team, husband and wife Peter and Barbara Emberson, were recently on a three week holiday in Adeje, Tenerife. During their second week, they were leaving the Costa Adeje Gran Hotel dining room at around 2 pm when Barbara noticed a young English woman of about 30 sitting at a table waiving her arms and appeared to be in distress. She had two small children in buggies with her but otherwise was alone, her companion being up at the buffet.

As they watched, waiting staff joined her and took hold of her hand but seem unsure of what else to do.

Barbara exclaimed that she thought the lady was choking so they rushed over and Peter asked the young lady to cough. At this point, his CFR training took over. With the lady leaning forward he gave her 3 firm smacks on her back but to no avail. The young woman was gasping and was clearly getting worse. However, at this point, with a final hit, a piece of overcooked pasta was forcably expelled!

Peter checked that the lady was ok before leaving, having been thanked by both her and the waiting staff. Peter said he couldn't believe he would ever be helping to save someones life abroad and that instinct just took over once he started. He was also surprised that he felt very emotional as he left the room after the incident. Unfortunately, the couple didn't see the young woman again to check that she had completely recovered.

The 14 strong Henley team have been set up now for 3 years and attend incidents around Wooton, Henley and surrounding areas responding as first on the scene in medical emergencies when Ambulance and paramedic staff are not able to get there immediately. All members are volunteers giving a minimum of 5 hours a week on call.

The group is always looking for new members who are able to drive and will be given full training by the west midland ambulance service.

Peter & Barbara Emberson
Peter & Barbara Emberson

Annual Update from Henley-in-Arden CFR

Having taken over as Chairman from John Pudney just over a month ago I realise that I have quite an act to follow. Accordingly my initial feelings of excitement and enthusiasm are tempered by thoughts of responsibility and concern that we will be able to perpetuate the past success of Henley Community Responders and build upon the strong foundations that John has set down over the past 3 years.

I am pleased to say that John is carrying on as Scheme coordinator so it won't be total break for him or us!

Looking back over the last year it is interesting to note that we have responded to 162 emergency 999 calls, in the main arriving before the ambulance or paramedic, thus fulfilling our role as 'first responders'. The main areas covered are Henley, Wootton Wawen, Ullenhall and parts of Claverdon although we are occasionally called to go further afield into areas such as Wythall, Tanworth, Earlswood and Redditch.

Our numbers have grown to 16 qualified responders but we are always looking for fresh volunteers who are prepared to offer at least 4 hours of their time each week. Full training is provided by the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Our role continues to be serving those members of the public who have called for an ambulance whatever their problem might be ranging from a simple fall right through to a cardiac arrest. My objective as chairman is to ensure that we maintain and enhance the standard of service provided through training and a close working relationship with our West Midlands Ambulance colleagues.

As a matter of record I would like to commend all of my colleagues who have given up so much of their free time during the past year to be available. Whether they have had very many calls or not, or whether they are working in a supporting role, there is a personal sacrifice of freedom to be made for which they deserve thanks and praise.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all from the team.

Malcolm Aldridge

Members of Henley CFR enjoying their Christmas party
Members of Henley CFR enjoying their Christmas party, December 2014.

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2014

"Things that survive three years are destined to go on forever". So said Meeting Chairman, Ray Holding, as he opened the third AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders on Monday 20th October. The meeting, which was held in the Fire Station, was attended by about 20 other responder & members of the public.

In his final report as both Chairman & Coordinator of the Henley CFR, Mr John Pudney reported that the Henley team had been on call for an average of 134 hours per month during the last year and had responded to 169 '999' calls. It was estimated that Henley CFR had contributed between 3 & 4% towards the success of the South Coventry & Warwickshire WMAS in achieving their response time targets.

Mr Pudney recalled that the Henley Community First Responders had been established in December 2011 from the remnants of the Henley HeartStart Committee, and in the following three years had grown to its present size of 16 operational members with a further one in training and another about to start training. He thanked the committee, which had met three times during the last year, for the relaxed and convivial manner in which they had conducted their meetings.

Members of Henley CFR at the AGM on 20th October 2014
John Pudney, Ray Holding & Malcolm Aldridge holding The Henley CFR Rose.

With the post of Scheme Chairman now vacant, Mr Malcom Aldridge was proposed and elected unapposed to fill the vacancy. One of his first tasks as Chairman was to pay tribute to John Pudney for his outstanding contribution to Henley CFR as both Scheme Coordinator and Chairman. He praised his hard work and many hours that he had put in as a duty CFR. It was amusing to note that, in many cases, the patients that John attended in CFR calls were typically 20 years younger than John himself. He was pleased to note that, although John had stepped down from the Chair, he was continuing in his role as Scheme Coordinator.

As a gesture of the gratitude of the Henley Community First Responders, Mr Aldridge presented Mr Pudney with a rose bush which had been especially named after the organisation, 'The Henley CFR Rose'.

Sorry we're late, we couldn't find your house....

An amusing start to an evening with friends maybe, but not so easily laughed off if those looking for you are part of the emergency services. Although our Ambulance Crews and the volunteer Community First Responders have access to navigation equipment that directs them to your property's location, it still requires good old fashioned eye work to find your home. So if it's not clearly marked, particularly at night, precious time can be wasted trying to find you.

So just take a look at the outside of your home from a visitor's perspective - how obvious from the road is it, is the number or name clearly on show, do you need some lighting or a sign further down the pathway? If you can't identify the address from the roadway, neither can an Ambulance Crew.

It's not just our homes that need to be clearly identifiable, places of work and public buildings need to be clearly signed too and not just from the outside. If you need to call the emergency services from a public place, a postcode is the best information you can give the operator. With that in mind, Henley Community First Responders are urging all public access buildings - shops, offices, pubs, restaurants, schools and community halls - to display their postcodes in a prominent position, ideally in the foyer or by the front door. And if you work in a building with several or many people, do they all know the postcode? It would be a simple matter to write or print the postcode on a sticker and place it on every desk or telephone.

Sample Postcode

Sample Postcode Sign for display in Public Buildings


Henley CFR's have received the following welcome encouragement from the WMAS in National Volunteers Week, after having been called to 19 "999" incidents during the last 8 weeks.

Whether you're a community first responder, a volunteer car driver, a dedicated fundraiser or part of an aid or rescue organisation helping the people of the West Midlands , we'd like to say a really big 'thank you' during National Volunteers Week.

Over 2,000 Community First Responders (CFRs) across the Region give up their spare time, unpaid, to respond to 999 calls in their local community. Whilst CFRs are always backed up by the ambulance service, there is no doubt that their early intervention saves lives. In May alone, CFRs responded to over 3,000 patients across the West Midlands equating to 4% of our total number of 999 calls.

If you're housing an automated external defibrillator (a device used to restart a heart when someone suffers a cardiac arrest) and have had CPR training to help treat someone in cardiac arrest, you're helping us and your local community more than you think.

Water and land rescue charities, as well as 4x4 groups, are always on hand to help us through harsh winters, periods of high demand and at the scene of incidents where skill and time are of the essence.

Another set of volunteers work behind the scenes silently by fundraising and offering support to the likes of their local CFR group or Midlands Air Ambulance to ensure they can keep saving lives.

Volunteering isn't all about the emergency side of the service. Our non-emergency Patient Transport Service is supported by a team of volunteer car drivers who help to ensure patients are picked up and dropped off at hospital appointments.

Chief Executive Anthony Marsh said: "National Volunteers Week is a celebration and opportunity to say a really big thank-you for helping and supporting the ambulance service. With literally thousands of people giving up their time to help their local communities we should all be grateful. I am personally very appreciative of the time you free up to help us to continue to save lives. Supporting any facet of the ambulance service means a great deal to us and I'm really proud of you all. Thank you."

Kind regards

Claire Brown
Press Officer
West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

Henley First Responders educated by

During a recent team meeting, the Henley First Responders were treated with a presentation delivered by Martin Smyth, the Senior Consultant and Clinical Director at Warwick A & E.

Martin Smyth

Mr Smyth, who lives in Henley, gave up some of his valuable family time after a full day at the busy Warwick A & E to explain how our local A & E operates, the problems they encounter and to answer a varied selection of questions posed by the responders.

Mr Smyth explained that the Department is currently seriously undermanned due to the difficulties in recruiting doctors to the A & E environment because of its great impact on life style. The department sees in excess of 120 walk-in patients per day (on one occasion this reached 207) and Mr Smyth was proud to say that great improvements had been achieved in average waiting times over the last couple of years following the implementation of a new system which dedicated two members of his team solely to walk-in treatment.

The CFR group agreed that the session was both interesting, informative and of great value, and another session is planned for the future. This type of presentation really helps in the development of our skills which can be applied when responding to 999 calls. We send our thanks to Mr Smyth for sharing his knowledge with us and look forward to his return in the future.

New Henley CFRs

It was also a pleasure to welcome three new fully trained responders to the group at this meeting. Welcome and well done to Peter Neville, Barbara Emberson and Peter Emberson who passed their exams last weekend.

Chief Officer Commendation for

Mandy Tuckley who has been a Henley responder for two years was given this commendation at an EXCELLENCE AWARDS ceremony held by the West Midlands Ambulance Service on 20th March.

Mandy Tucker. The assembled WMAS staff, families friends and distinguished guests were told that in April last year, CFR volunteer Mandy Tuckley was enjoying a family meal at a pub near Walsall when she heard a commotion after a woman called out that someone had stopped breathing. Mandy immediately went to investigate and found someone holding a young girl who was unresponsive. With an ambulance already on its way, Mandy followed her training and found that the young girl had gone all floppy and then stopped breathing. She began immediate treatment and quickly saw the patient start to breathe on her own again. The two-year old was found to have glandular fever with a very high temperature. Thankfully, the child went onto make a full recovery. Mandy was awarded a Chief Officer Commendation for her quick response at the scene.

Henley CFR '100 Club' Winners

Henley Community First Responders are pleased to announce the following results of the '100 Club' prize draws since the scheme was inaugurated in May 2013. Many congratulations to all the winners and, of course, our grateful thanks to all contestants for their support.

                                1st prize - £302nd prize - £15
December 2013No.96 (£75)
Olga Coldicutt
No.30 (£30)
Arthur Gennard
No.15 (£15)
Ray Holding
November 2013No.77
Janet Shaw
Cilla Pudney
October 2013No.27
Christopher Osborne
Margaret Twigg
September 2013No.75
Marijana Bainbridge
Brian Toop
August 2013No.7
John Pudney
Robert Hutton
July 2013No.85
Rachel Price-Whittle
June 2013No.73
Sarah Glenn
Mike & Carol Trigg
May 2013No.2
David Scard

Henley CFR Team
The Henley CFR Team

WMAS Awards for Henley Responders

At the recent West Midlands Ambulance Service awards evening for Excellence in the Community two Henley CFRs, Sally Daniel and Sue Osborne, received an award from the Chief Executive of WMAS for "outstanding dedication above and beyond the call of duty."

WMAS Awards
Sally Daniel & Sue Osborne being presented with their awards by the Chief Executive of WMAS, Dr Anthony Marsh

One evening last winter, Sally and Sue responded to a 999 call to an incident in Irelands Lane, Henley-in-Arden. Despite deep snow and blizzard conditions, they managed to get to where an ambulance was 'parked', only to find that it was stuck in the snow and ice. Sally, Sue and the paramedic driver spent the next hour trying to dig the ambulance out, while the other paramedic and a student walked half a mile up the lane to retrieve the casualties from their car.

Although the driver suffered minor injuries, his wife was causing the main concern as she was eight and a half months pregnant, and getting very cold. After a thorough check up in the ambulance, which was still immobile in the snow, the couple were handed over to the care of Sally & Sue to take them to a place of safety. After a difficult journey to the nearest village in Henley's Ambulance Car, the couple were able to be reunited with their relatives who arrived to meet them in a 4WD.

The Henley Team of Community First Responders are very proud of their two colleagues.

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2013

Members of Henley CFR and WMAS at the AGM on 21st October 2013
Sir Graham Meldrum, Mrs Diane Lee, John Pudney, Ray Holding, Andy Whittington

"Henley CFR has run like a 'well-oiled machine' during its first complete year of operation". So said Chairman and Scheme Coordinator John Pudney at the start of his report at the second
AGM of the Henley District Community First Responders on Monday 21st October. The meeting, which was held in the Fire Station, was chaired by Ray Holding and attended by 27 other members of the public, included Sir Graham Meldrum, chair of the West Midlands Ambulance Service Board and Council of Governors, Mrs Diane Lee, Assistant Chief Executive Office of WMAS and Mr John Lancaster a Non Executive member of the WMAS Board.

Mr Pudney reported that the Henley CFR team had been on call for an average of 100 hours per month during the last year and had responded to 12 of the 27 '999' calls allocated by WMAS to First Responders. Mentioning exceptional contributions by members of the CFR team he recalled an occasion when one of the Henley team, whilst not on duty and in a restaurant with their family, had gone to the aid of a baby who had stopped breathing at a nearby table; she had managed to treat the child successfully by the time that the paramedics had arrived. On another occasion, as a result of their actions whilst attending a 999 call one snow-bound night, two other members had been nominated for an "Excellence in the Community Award' at Stoke-on-Trent on November 7th. But not all calls proved to be medical emergencies as illustrated by an incident during which Henley CFR availability had been reported as 'delayed' whilst they made a cheese sandwich for a distressed lady whose 'Meals on Wheels' service has failed to arrive.

Mr Pudney paid tribute to members of his committee who had consolidated the development of the scheme to the point where it was no longer necessary to meet as regularly as in the early days. He praised the fund raising committee, in particular for their successful '100 club' lottery about which he was able to report "It works, I know it works because I won £30 myself last month"

In his reply Sir Graham Meldrum also paid tribute to the Henley CFR and indeed all Community First Responders. Without them, he readily acknowledged that the WMAS would be unable to meet their emergency response targets.

Guest Speaker, Mr Andy Whittington
Guest Speaker, Mr Andy Whittington

One of the highlights of the evening was an address by Guest Speaker Mr Andy Whittington. Network Coordinator of the Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Warwick. Mr Whittington's talk, entitled "Research, Statistics and Solutions" described a project to look at the 'Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest outcomes'. Of the 60,000 cardiac arrests in the UK approximately half take place in the general community of which only 50% receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The Department of Health receives reports from all ambulance services as part of their performance review, but there are great regional variations in the proportion of these which have a successful outcome. Mr Whittington's project is designed to try to discover the reason for these variations after eliminating demographic variations and other disguising factors such as differences in reporting methodology. Only by doing this can best practices be identified and rolled out to all of the UK ambulance services.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs Diane Lee, Assistant Chief Executive Office of WMAS.

Henley's First Public Access Defibrillator Commissioned

Public Access Defibrillator

On a glorious English summer's afternoon and with the help and support of the High and Low Bailiffs and the Town Crier, Henley's first Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) was unveiled at the Co-operative Supermarket in the High Street on Saturday.

After a splendid introduction by the Town Crier, the High Bailiff thanked the many organisations and private donors who had contributed to the venture, including the Co-operative Supermarket. Henley's supermarket has provided the location for the PAD at the entrance of the store and in addition they have provided the electrical supply.

The guest of honour was Mrs Diane Lee, Assistant Chief
Executive of West Midlands Ambulance Service, who
performed the unveiling ceremony with great style. She
was assisted by Bobby Qayum, Community Response
Manager for Coventry and Warwickshire, who is the
driving force behind the installation of these defibrillators.

This event also marked the first anniversary of the Henley Community First Responders whose members have been called out over 160 times by the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Defibrillator Commissioning
Mrs Diane Lee commissioning the first Henley Public Access Defibrillator

The UK Resuscitation Council suggests an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) should be available wherever medical treatment is more than 5 minutes away. In the UK approximately 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside hospital and are treated by emergency medical services every year. A patient's chance of survival decreases by around 10% per minute following a Cardiac Arrest. As such it is vital that emergency medical treatment begins as soon as possible. If defibrillation is delivered promptly, survival rates as high as 75% can be achieved.


Ambulance Service Honours Henley CFR Sponsor

Nigel Woodward-Sheath receiving his award from Sir Graham Meldrum, the WMAS Chairman.

In a glittering ceremony at the International Convention Centre in Telford, for the Excellence in the Community Awards 2012, Mayswood Garage and its proprietor, Nigel Woodward-Sheath JP, were presented with a Business Support Award by Sir Graham Meldrum, the WMAS Chairman. The citation read as follows:

Business Support Award: Nigel Woodward-Sheath JP, of Mayswood Garage, Wootton Wawen.

The company currently sponsors and maintains a car for the Henley CFR scheme in Warwickshire. CFR members have recognised the excellent partnership and they have nominated Nigel Woodward-Sheath for a Business Award for his outstanding contribution to the Henley CFR scheme.

John Pudney, chairman and scheme co-ordinator of the Henley Community First Responders added, “We all owe Nigel a huge debt of gratitude; his continuing support has enabled us to keep our ambulance car up to WMAS specification, with full livery and equipment. It is an essential part of our operations, and we are indeed fortunate to have such a generous sponsor. The whole team would like to congratulate Nigel on his well deserved award.”

Henley CFR Annual General Meeting 2012

Members of Henley CFR with Martyn Scott, WMAS Area Manager at the AGM on 22nd October 2012
Members of Henley CFR with Martyn Scott, WMAS Area Manager at the AGM on 22nd October 2012

The Henley Community First Responders held their first AGM at the Fire Station on Monday, 22nd October. 26 people attended, with representatives from their sponsors, Rotary and Mayswood Garage, and various organisations in the town. The evening was ably chaired by Ray Holding, a member of the committee, and reports were given by the co-ordinator, John Pudney, and treasurer, Anna Bartlett. Some excellent suggestions were addressed to the treasurer about future fund-raising.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation given by Mr Martyn Scott, WMAS Area Manager–South. He spoke about 'The Place of Community First Responders in Coventry and Warwickshire' and also explained how the ambulance service will be changing and developing in our county.

The audience was intrigued by details of the computer programme that can predict the unpredictable. He quoted the example that if you live in Shipston-on-Stour you are most likely to have a heart attack at 8.00 am, while in Henley-in-Arden there is the greatest possibility of a 999 call to the ambulance service at 8.00 pm. Because of this emerging pattern of calls, ambulances and paramedic cars are constantly moved around the district to be in the area of highest priority.

Mr Scott answered several questions on training, counselling for difficult calls, and the likelihood of an ambulance being based in Henley. The answer to the last one was that the current levels of activity, an average of 1.3 '999' calls per day, do not warrant a full-time ambulance being present.

999 Calls received since Henley CFR Launch

The chairman thanked Mr Scott for a most interesting and enlightening talk.

Further business saw the new constitution accepted by the members. The officers, Chairman John Pudney, Treasurer Anna Bartlett, and Secretary Sue Osborne, were elected to serve for the forthcoming year. Under Any Other Business, Mandy Tuckley explained the charitable status of the CFR group, and David Brain of Rotary talked about their continuing sponsorship of the CFRs.

Sir Graham Meldrum officially launching Henley CFR

Henley CFR Official Launch

The newly formed Henley Community First Responders (CFR) was formally launched by the Sir Graham Meldrum, Chairman of West Midlands Ambulance Service on Saturday 21st July 2012.

The launch was followed by a gathering of invited guests and members of Henley CFR, led by John Pudney, in the Guild Hall who enjoyed some light refreshments and plenty of discussion.


Henley CFR Team - July 2012
John Pudney and his team of CFR's on the occasion of the launch